B1360321 is a genuine Goodman replacement part.  This two pole, 30 amp rated, 24 volt coil definite purpose contactor is used in many Goodman, Janitrol and Amana air conditioning condensing units, gas packs and package units.  It also replaces obsolete contactor part number B1360321, CONT2P030024VS, 45EG20AJ784R and 45DG10AJD8A690R
Below are Goodman, Janitrol and Amana model numbers which use this 2 pole contactor

B13603-21 Goodman Contactor 2 Pole 30 Amp 24 Volt Coil

  • Brand: Goodman
  • Product Code: B13603-21
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $29.77

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